New Skins, New Feature
In accordance with upgrading to e-Fiction 3.3 I updated to the skins that were available.

I also activated the shoutbox. However, the only skin that displays it is CSSZen - which is now the new default skin.

As I find more skins for the upgrade I'll upload them for everyone's use. :-)
Linda on 09/24/07 - 08:56 am
Upgrade to 3.3 Successful
Earlier today Rich upgraded the e-Fiction software to version 3.3. It has a few extra bells and whistles that I'm not familiar with yet, along with the same security holes. ;-)

If you run into any problems as a result of the upgrade please let me know. Thanks!
Brynna on 09/11/07 - 09:44 pm
Upgrade to 3.0 Failed
This evening Rich attempted to upgrade eFiction to version 3.0. The attempt failed and he rolled back the install to the version we're using now - 2.06. He then installed a security patch designed to prevent hacking.

Thanks goes to Christine for pointing out that spammers had hacked into the challenges database! Because of that we found the upgrade and hopefully put an end to the spamming. :-)
Linda on 12/07/06 - 03:05 am
Update on old Archive Links
I found the actual existing source for the old html-based archive, last updated December 2004. The links are:

Titles A-F, Titles G-M, Titles N-T, Titles U-Z.
By Author. This one may not work consistently, since it refers to the old domain.
Linda on 11/20/06 - 10:23 pm
Need a Favor!
I need a favor from everyone.

If you run into a story with question marks instead of quotation marks please reply here with your findings.

Also, if it's your own fic with the problem please feel free to re-upload it.

Thanks to everyone for being so patient all these months!

Linda, webmistress
Brynna on 11/10/06 - 07:01 am
Forum Gone
I took down the forum. It was hacked, and we really don't have a use for it anyway.

Still working on a links archive script so that everyone can add links to various archives.
Brynna on 11/06/06 - 02:23 am
More Updating
Re-worked the site, got rid of the sidebar. It was taking up too much space, which I felt would be a concern for those with 800 x 600 resolution on their monitors. Zestywithaz also redid our banner, reflecting the new cast. Note to everyone: she did this free of charge, so go over to her Livejournal and leave her a note of thanks. :-)
Brynna on 10/22/06 - 04:19 am
Site Updating
I'm still going over those fics that need reuploaded. If you want to re-up any of your fic that wound up with question marks all over it be my guest. :-)
Brynna on 10/15/06 - 04:02 am
Here it is!
Here's the new domain - You'll notice I made a couple of slight changes in that it opens straight to the fiction archive.

Also, apparently MySQL and quote marks don't mix well in transfers. Looks like another few days of getting all of the fiction straightened out. ::grumbles::

Thanks to everyone for your support. :-)

Brynna on 07/23/06 - 04:20 am
Amorous Intent Domain
It appears that the original domain is on auto-renew and was renewed as of 7-1-06, database still gone.

I am in the process of setting up a separate web site with very inexpensive host, They charge for bandwidth literally by the penny, which will keep costs down. Another advantage of this particular host is that they allow adult content whereas mine doesn't (oops!).

As soon as the PayPal payment clears my son and I will be transfering all of this over to the new domain:
Brynna on 07/01/06 - 10:42 am
Gallery Items
Just to let everyone know that if you have some LOCI artwork you want displayed feel free to create an account in the Gallery and upload it!

Whether it be wallpaper, scans of artwork you've done, photo manipulations, or whatever else you possess a talent for, we're interested in seeing it. :-)

Have a wonderful day!
Brynna on 06/07/06 - 10:53 am
Gallery and Forum are up
Nothing fancy, just Coppermine Gallery and good ol' PHPbb Forum. You'll have to create a separate account for them.

Warning: I put my Poser LOCI Fan Art on display and some of it is not for the kiddies!
Brynna on 05/29/06 - 07:00 am
New Categories
First off, welcome to everyone here and thanks to everyone for hanging in there while we were working out the bugs. :-)

Added three new Categories:

Essays - show reviews (metas), etc.
General - obvious
Pre-slash - also obvious

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and drive safely!
Brynna on 05/26/06 - 08:36 pm
Site Opens
Yeah, this is the sorta unofficial day that the archive opened. When we get all the purdies up then I'll put out the word.

Props to my son RJ45 for getting this baby up and going. :-)
Brynna on 05/22/06 - 09:58 pm